Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Honduras-Part 1

My parents, me , and brothers at their church bldg
The drive leading up to my parents home

My mom & I on Mothers Day

My mom and us in front of their home

Me, my dad and mom at a beach by their home. It was really windy that day so we all have crazy hair!

We left for LAX Saturday morning at 1:30 and arrived in Honduras 11 am. It was quite a long flight and we had some delays but it was all worth it when we saw my amazing parents waiting for us. Some of the things we did with them was go to Roatan Island, meet some of their wonderful missionaries, see the waterfalls, shopping at their mall and buying things with limps, ate Baliatas (totally spelling this wrong), and just had fun being together. I quickly learned how grateful I am for all the things I take for being able to drink from the tap or brush my teeth without having to use bottled water, being able to flush toliet paper down the toliet and having air in our church bldgs. The people in my parents ward for the most part dont have much but they all seemed really happy. I am grateful for my parents for their ongoing example that they will serve with all their hearts no matter where or what the calling. I know they are amazing mission president and wife and the San Pedro Sula Mission is blessed by them. Thanks mom and dad for such a great experience!

Honduras-Part 2: Roatan & Waterfalls

My mom and I in the Carribean Sea

our hotel at Roatan

My dad, bro Dave, me, bro mike

the beautiful waterfalls

While in Honduras we were able to spend a couple of days over at Roatan Island. This is a 3 1/2 hour drive plus a 1 1/2 hour boat ride from my parents mission home but is still part of their mission. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Infinity which was right on the beach. The beach was beautful...clear bright blue water and soft white sand. At the end of our trip we went to see these amazing waterfalls. The scenery was beautiful. Everything was so green and lush and then in the middle of it all was these awesome waterfalls. One of the things I loved about Honduras was how green everything was and all the palm trees.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Morning

JJ with his basket full of candy, a jumprope, and toy quad
Braden with his basket of cereal , goldfish and a new ball

Ashlee had a basket of girlie things...2 new purses, a necklace and hair bows, and cereal

Bryson got a basket with a new toy car and cereal.

This was the kids the night before Easter decorating eggs!

Easter Dinner/ Egg hunt

Kids Table

Adult Table
Sariah and Bryan

Grams, Uncle Jim and some of the kiddies

Grandma and Amy

Ashlee finding her first egg.

Tiffy showing her egg

The kids checking out their surprises in the eggs!

We had a great Easter this year with my brother and his family, my grandma and uncle Jim.

It was a much smaller group than we're used too but still lots of fun. Our Easter meal was a yummy ham dinner with mashed potatoes, rolls, spinach dip, salad, grean beans, dessert and lemonade. Our day ended with the kids Easter egg hunt.