Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Our king for the day with his presents!

Daddy n kids at Disneyland

Daddy doing one of his favorite things.

Family n Daddy -August 2010

Daddy with his last baby. Bryson -March 2010

Why we are blessed to have Daddy:

Jaron- " He takes me to fun places. He teaches me fun things like dirtbking and snowboarding. I especially like that he let me ride his jet ski all by myself. He is very nice and the best Daddy."

Braden-" I love when he chases me and tickles me. I love all our family trips especially going to the Lake. "

Ashlee- " Daddy I love you and ask mommy everyday where you are. I miss you when your'e at work. I love playing with you."

Bryson - " Thank you Daddy for snuggling with me and taking care of me. You tickle me and make me laugh so hard.

Mommy-" Arlan ...i knew when i married you that you would be a great father but i didnt know how great you would be! Thank you for being so wonderful to our children. You constantly show them love and that they are special children of God. Thank you for your wonderful example to our family! We are so blessed!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ashlee Turns 3

Our sweet birthday girl!
A quick pic with Mommy and Daddy!

Cute Chloe enjoying the cake.

Pinata time

We had some family in town so had everyone over for dinner and a little birthday celebration for Ashlee. Wow I can not believe my baby girl is now 3. We all love her so much and are glad she is such a special part of our family!

Ashlee Facts:

1. She loves being a big sister and is always helping me with the baby.

2. Her favorite things to do are:dress up, playing with baby dolls, coloring and singing.

3. Her favorite food is anything but she has a love for sweets. She takes after her mommy!:) She is a really good eater and even loves salads and veggies.

4. She loves Dora the Explorer, Barney and Barbie shows.

5. She is my most talkative kid and loves to be friendly to everyone.

6. Nicknames are: she-she bear and Ash