Saturday, June 16, 2012

Princess Party

                                         The birthday princess
                                   Birthday girl and  her friends

                                Cake and present time

                                            princess jumper

Ashlee was so excited for her princess party.  She talked about it for a month before it came.  She had her friends dress up in their princess or superhero clothes and they all looked so cute.  We had princess cupcakes and a princess jumper.  It was a great party for our sweet little princess!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

She's 4!

Our sweet baby girl just turned 4!  Wow time has flown.  This is her cake she had for her family party and then a few days later she had a princess party with her friends.

Facts about the birthday girl:
Her favorite color is pink.
She loves Dora, Princesses and Hello Kitty.
She loves her preschool class.
2 new things she has started is gymnastics and swimming all by herself.
Her favorite food is strawberries.
She is very talkative and social. (something new to us since her brothers are pretty quiet)
She is such a big helper.  Right now she is into helping me clean the bathrooms.  Cant wait until she is older and can really clean them:).
She is such a little peacemaker.

We love our little princess and all the joy she brings our family!