Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome Home Mom & Dad

My parents arrived home on June 28 from their 3 year mission to Honduras.  We are all excited to have them back.  Its crazy how much they have missed these past few years.. brothers wedding, grand kids baptisms, new grand kids being born, and just the everyday things that went on.  I love them so much and appreciate the great example they are to me and my family!

                               The family waiting for them to get off the plane!

               Yea! There they are.  They were one of the last to get off.
                       The grand kids getting hugs in kisses from grandma and grandpa.

               My dad and sweet Lyla meeting for the first time.

            Us with my parents.  The grand kids all wore their Honduras clothes my parents sent.
It was so nice to have almost everyone there.  We were missing 2 of my brothers...Mark and David.  Mark was working and David's wife Elaine is do any day with their baby.