Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4th at Havasu

 Eating our 4th of July dinner of nachos and hotdogs
 Getting ready for the show to begin
Watching the fireworks from our boat

We spent 4th of July at Lake Havasu.  We got on our boat about 4 that afternoon and spent the day swimmimg and tubbing.  As it got dark we headed over to where the fireworks show would be.  We ordered dinner off a boat that serves food in the middle of the lake and then relaxed and watched the show.  It was really good and we all enjoyed it.  Lake Havasu is one of my favorite places to go with my family.  We always have such a blast there!

Fathers Day

Daddy's girl- Ashlee 4 yrs old

The kids had a great time spoiling their daddy on Fathers day.  In the morning they made him breakfast in bed.  Then at church they made him some gifts.  He got a candy lei, popcorn and cute little books they made all about him.  For his fathers day dinner we made steak and loaded baked potatoes.  Hope he had a great day and knows how grateful we are for him.  My kids have the best dad ever!