Monday, November 19, 2012


For Jaron's birthday this year we went to Disneyland with Bryan and Sariah and their kids and Uncle Mike.  He had such a fun time just going off with his big cousins that we hardly saw those boys all day.

family pic before entering park
Ashlee was so excited to meet Mickey.  Bryson on the other hand would only go near him if I was holding him.

Tea Party time with Mommy and Ashlee
Jaron with his 2 favorite cousins.  They are so good to him and he loves hanging out with them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jaron turns 9

I can not believe my oldest is 9 and in 4th grade now.  Jaron is such a great big brother and helps me so much.  It is fun to see him grow and change and develop his cute little personality.  We love him so much and glad he's in our family!

1.  His favorite colors are blue and purple.
2.  He loves to ride his dirtbike and has become really good on it.
3.  His favorite food is pizza and chinese food.
4.  He is not much of a sweet eater but does love oreos and milk.
5.  Favorite TV shows are Spongebob and Full House.
6. Favorite school subject is Math
7.  He really likes playing Nerf guns (as you can tell from his presents)
8.  He can be really quiet at times but then talkative too(his teacher has allready sent a few notes home saying he is talking to classmates too much).
9.  His favorite movie is Fast Five.