Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Performance and Recital

Ashlee was a busy girl right before school was out.  First she had her Christmas singing program in her kindergarten class.  It was so cute.  She was a dancing doll.  Then the day after she was in her dance recital.  She did a ballet number and a tap dance.

 Giving Ms. Flora her Christmas gift

 Ash and her best friend right before the recital.
 At the end of it her teacher...Ms Jessica gave all the dancers a rose.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree

This year Ashlee and Bryson were my little helpers in decorating the tree.  They had so much fun and did such a great job.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was at Bryan and Sariah's.  We had a delicious turkey and ham dinner.  The next day we headed up to the lake and did Thanksgiving with the Garcia side.  The kids had fun riding on quads and dirt bikes and being with their cousins.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Performance

Ashlee's kindergarten class put on a cute performance all about the Pilgrims and Indians.  They sang songs and did a skit.  Afterwards her teacher served pumpkin pie.  The kids did a really good job.

Ash was an Indian.

Grandma Veirs and Great Grams were able to come.

Ash and her good friend Sandra

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jaron Turns 10

 For Jaron's b-day he got to do one of his favorite things...dirt bike riding with his dad.


1.  His favorite colors are Blue and Purple.
2.  He loves teaching his younger siblings new things.
3.  Favorite subject at school is math.
4. Favorite sports are tennis and basketball.
5.  His favorite thing to do on the weekend is dirt bike with dad or go to the beach.
6.  Favorite TV shows are Walking Dead and Full House.
7.  He is not a big sweet eater...just like his dad.
8.  Favorite food is Pizza. His least favorite is almost all veggies.
9.  He loves all the Fast and the Furious movies.  He is really into cars.
10.  When he grows up he wants to be a Chiropractor.

Halloween 2013

 Ashlee and her best friend at her Ballet Halloween night.

 Ashlee dressed up as Repunzel , Jaron as a dirtbike rider and Bryson as Thomas

 Garcia gang with our new friend!

The kids with their loot after trick or treating.  We started the night over at Grandma and Grandpas and then the kids continued trick or treating with a group from our neighborhood. It was a fun night.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Fun @ Disneyland

It was so neat seeing Disneyland all decorated for Halloween.  The kids enjoyed seeing all the cool pumpkins and going on all the spooked up rides.  Disney does an amazing job.

Disney Ca Adventure

During the kids Fall Break we were able to take them to Ca Adventure and Disneyland.   We try and go once a year and the kids always look forward to it.  Even though it was pretty crowded and hot the kids did pretty well and we had a really fun/busy day.

Three of the kids and I waiting for Daddy and Braden.  We always seem to get a pic in front of this car so had to do it again this year.

My little buddy and I hung out in Bug's Land for a little bit while Daddy took the big kids on rides he couldn't go on.  He didn't seem to mind though since he was able to see Donald and other characters...

Ash n Bryson loved going on King Triton's Carousel.

We spent the morning in Ca Adventure, ate lunch there ,then headed over to Disneyland...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ashlee Starts Kindergarten

These 1st two pictures were from kinder orientation.  She is in the same class with 2 of her best friends...Leeah and Sandra.  They did preschool together and now get to do kinder with each other.  Ash has a really great teacher and I know she'll have a fun year!  It's hard to believe Ash is all ready in school.  It seems like once the kids start school they just grow up so fast...not sure if I'm ready for that with my baby girl! :)

After I picked Ash up from school and pulled into our driveway I looked back and saw these two... Ash and Bryson all tuckered out.  When she woke up she said to me " Mom this school stuff is hard work".  Ha! little does she know this is just the start!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Summer Highlights

It's hard to believe the kids go back to school in just a couple of days.  Summer has been so fun this year.  We stayed busy swimming in the pool, going to the beach and lake, and hanging out with family and friends.  Here's a few pics of some of our summer fun...

Ashlee and Bryson loved swimming in the pool.

The kids loved playing in the sand at the beach.

JJ and Ashlee having fun with sidewalk chalk.

Bryson enjoying these yummy frozen fruit bars we found at Costco.

The best part of summer...the kids played hard which meant they slept well at night.

Tiffy and Ashlee on the 4th of July.  With my mom and dad just getting home we had a family reunion at the beach.