Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kinder graduation for Ashlee

Ashlee had a great kindergarten year.  She got the teacher we requested, Mrs. Flora and had 2 of her best friends from church in her class.  She looked forward to going to school each morning.  On her last day of school that had a little ceremony where they sang songs, received a certificate and had cake. 

Ashlee's 6th Birthday

Ashlee had a Hello Kitty themed party at our house.  She invited her cousins and a few friends over to swim and have pizza.  Her B-day morning started off at school with her class singing to her and then she passed out ice cream sandwiches.

1.  She is very friendly and loves playing with her friends.
2.  She is really into Hello Kitty, Princesses and Fairies.
3.  Her favorite movie is Frozen.  She got the soundtrack for her Bday and loves it.
4.  She is in dance taking tap and ballet.
5.  She is my best eater.  She loves sweets but also will eat any veggie and will try anything.
6.  She is the best big sister to Bryson.  They play really well.