Friday, December 14, 2012

Ballet Winter Performance

                                       Ashlee and her best friend

                                        During the performance

                Giving our girl loves for doing such a great job.

                        Ashlee and her wonderful dance teacher.

Ashlee joined ballet and had her first performance last week.  She is such a cutie and loves being on stage performing.  At their winter performance she did a number to Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.
Her teacher is so great with all these little girls.  At the end of the recital she called each one up and presenting them with a rose.  Ashlee was so excited.  She loves Ms Jessica.

Thanksgiving weekend

                                                        Ashlee- 4years old

                                            The 3 little indians.  Ashlee and her cousins.

                                                    Jaron and Arlan getting ready for a ride.

                                           Our tradition of stopping at In n Out on our way home.

On Thanksgiving day we went to my brother Bryan's house.  It was actually really warm that the kids swam in the pool.  The rest of the weekend we headed to the lake with the Garcia's.  We went riding, hung out and had another thanksgiving dinner there.