Thursday, April 14, 2011


We had a great time as a family over the kids spring break. The big highlight was going to Disneyland and Ca Adventure. On Friday while we were at Disneyland it was supposed to rain which helped with the park being less crowded. Saturday we went to Ca Adventure. It was more crowded but we still had a blast.

Brysons very first amusement ride! Toy Story Some of the fam and goofy!
The kids waiting to meet Minnie.
Arlan and I relaxing while the kids played.
At the end of the day we enjoyed Churros. Can you

tell this little girl was loving hers! She was so happy

all day being at "Mickey's House"!

California Adventure

JJ infront of Mickey's ferris wheel. JJ hanging out with shark from Nemo!
JJ and Ashlee saying hi to some characters.

Jaron and Daddy on the ferris wheel.
The rest of us on the ferris wheel.