Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sweet Sleepyheads

I came across a bunch of cute pics of me kids sleeping so heres a post dedicated to my sweet sleepyheads...

Ahhh! Aren't sleeping babys the best!

Now these next few pics are of Ashlee and the
weirdest places she has fallen asleep. This little girl has been my
best sleeper since the day she was born. These pics go to show doesnt matter where
she is, if she's tired she'll go right to sleep!

On the floor amongst her toys and books.
On the counter while watching mommy cook.
On her chair after an exhausting lunch!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Cal Snow Day

Celebrating New Years

We had such a great time celebrating New years with all my brothers and their families! Mom and Dad were missed but we did get to include them a little on Skype! This is the last time we will probably all be together for the next few years so it was great to have this time with each other. Its so fun having such a large family and getting to see all the next generation of cousins creating bonds!

Here we all are...oldest to youngest!
Enjoying some good food n drinks!
Paul n David showing brotherly love!

Bryson enjoying his first new yrs eve with Uncle Mike!

Cousins having fun playing together!